Animasi Interaktif Pengenalan Lambang Negara Indonesia Garuda Pancasila

Hartono Darmawan • Verra Sofica
Journal article Information Management for Educators and Professionals • 2017 Indonesia


 Modernization has positive and negative effects. One example of the negative impact is clearly visible is started fading values ​​of Pancasila among teenagers. The values ​​contained in Pancasila less a concern that is important for adolescents because the values ​​of Pancasila considered attractive enough to be applied, even worse these days more and more teens leads to understand western that is synonymous with free live freely. and they seemed to have forgotten their own basic state itself, namely Pancasila. The introduction of Garuda Pancasila symbol of the country at an early age is very important. By using audio-visual learning in the form of interactive animations in it presents an attractive interface to the public, especially the children of primary school (grades 4-6) so as to determine the content, values ​​and history and ideology of Pancasila Pancasila Garuda Emblem early.  Keywords: Interactive animations, Introduction State Coat Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.




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