Sistem Aplikasi Uji Kompetensi Penerimaan Karyawan Berbasis Web

Maryanah Safitri
Journal article Information Management for Educators and Professionals • 2017 Indonesia


 Based on UU RI No.13 Tahun 2003 Pasal 1 No 10 about Manpower in Indonesia states that work competence is the ability of work every individual that includes aspects of knowledge, skills, and work attitude in accordance with established standards.  Therefore, competency test is needed as a basis for follow-up coaching and to map competency owned by employees. Implementation of competency test employee acceptance is still a lot of done manually, ranging from the process of making the question, the assessment up to the preparation of reports of competency test results. This allows for errors in the assessment, the inaccuracy of reports made and delays in the search for necessary data. For that needed an application that can minimize the deficiencies that exist in the manual system is to build a web based competency test applications. The method used in data collection is observation and literature study, While the design of this web-based application system using prototype model, developed using PHP as programming language and MYSQL as a database. With this application, the implementation of employee acceptance competency test is expected to be more efficient and effective starting from the process of competency test, competency test and reporting of competency test result.   Keywords: aplication system, competency test, web




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