Keefektifan Motivasi dan Kualitas Pegawai terhadap Kepuasan Masyarakat pada Kantor Kecamatan Bekasi Barat

Kurniawan Prambudi Utomo • Faroman Syarif
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kantor • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


 The effectiveness of motivation and quality to the satisfaction of the people is a study conducted to determine whether the service bureaucracy in this reform era still seems slow, complicated and does not favor the community, since in the era of openness is that society as a holder of full sovereignty through elections to determine the choice of leader in the area, and improve the performance of management to improve service satisfaction to the public as stakeholders holder full power is entitled to a good performance and sympathetic to the public and civil servants as an employee of the State is required to work wholeheartedly, able to motivate and continuously improve its performance to serve to the people who have chosen and worked for him. This case study was conducted in West Bekasi District office with research methods questionnaires of 50 respondents for 3 months ie from January-March 2017 and this research resulted in that the level of employee motivation needs to be improved to improve the quality of service that the public satisfaction improved.   Keywords: Satisfaction, Quality,  Motivation.




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