Peningkatan Motivasi Belajar Dipengaruhi oleh Lingkungan Kampus

Hanif Aulawi
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kantor • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


 Teaching and learning activities can be supported by comfortable environmental conditions. Comfortable in the sense that the transfer of science can go smoothly without any obstacles. This research is an adaptation of research that has been done before by Naibaho et al (2010) about the influence of the campus environment on student learning motivation. The purpose of this study is to what factors in terms of campus environment that most affect students in improving motivation to learn on campus. 68 students of Bina Insani Higher Education were asked to fill out the questionnaires by ranking 1 through 9 in the column of the variable column. The greater the ranking number given to the variable, meaning the more important the variable can affect student learning motivation dikampus. The nine variables are class size, classroom layout, campus cleanliness, internet facility, library facilities, air temperature, noise level, inter-student relationship, student relationship with lecturer. The results of this study resulted in the rank order of the largest variables to the smallest is the relationship between students with lecturers, campus internet facilities, student relationships, library facilities, classroom air temperature, campus cleanliness, noise level, class layout, class size   Keywords : Bina Insani, campus environment, collage student, motivation.




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