Metode Mc Call pada Pengujian Correctness dan Usability Sistem Informasi Pembelian Obat Klinik Graha Medika Bekasi

Sari Hartini


 The need for rapid and accurate information is absolutely necessary development of a business. But in fact, to make the information in accordance with the above requirements is not an easy thing. This is because of the many problems and  the processed data and processing variations are manifold. It also occurs in Graha Medika Clinic Bekasi are currently  changing the process of purchasing the medicine that initially manually and then switch to computerization, to simplify the transaction process that occurs in the clinic housekeeping to get the information quickly and accurately. In order to solve various problems in data processing, especially in the case of the  purchase of medicines, information systems dibuatkanlah purchase of drugs at the clinic Graha Medika Bekasi, this study aims to determine how optimal drug purchases at the Information Systems graha medika clinic. Issues to be raised in this study is whether the information system drug purchases at Graha Medika Clinic Bekasi can help in the problems faced by Graha Medika Clinic and provide information up to date, by testing using the method Mc Call.   Keywords: Mc Call method, purchasing information system




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