Pengukuran Maturity Level Pelayanan Sistem Informasi pada PT. Gramedia Asri Media

Agus Yulianto • Syahbaniar Rofiah


Information technology is currently very influential on the performance of the company, the better the information technology owned then add positive value and impact big changes to the company. The development of technology is increasingly changing day to make the company to innovate towards the better performance of individuals and companies. Therefore, to find out how big the technology is used in the company then the audit is one alternative to evaluate it. COBIT 4.1 is a framework for IT governance that comprises a set of IT best practices processes, which can be implemented at all levels of the organization to improve governance and IT management. This framework is a comprehensive tool for creating IT governance. COBIT 4.1 provides a best practice reference that covers the entire business process of an organization and exposes it in a logical structure that can be managed and controlled effectively. [Tambotoh and Latuperissa, 2014] The level of kemantangan on each sub domain Delivery and Support (DS1 Define and manage service levels and DS 4 Ensure Continue Service) is at the level 3 domain for DS1 with value 3,217 while DS4 with value 2,944.   Keywords: COBIT 4.1, Maturity Level, Information System.




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