Sistem Penilaian Kinerja Frontliner dengan Metode Perbandingan Eksponensial (MPE) pada Bank Bukopin Capem Kelapa Gading

Siti Aisah Sahlan • Didik Setiyadi


 Competition increasingly competitive world of banking trigger Bukopin to better provide satisfactory service to customers in an effort to improve the quality of the company. One technique used by management companies in improving the quality of human resources is by assessing the performance of employees are encouraged. To the authors make a system of performance appraisal using Exponential Comparative Method (MPE). The purpose of this valuation method is to minimize the less objective assessment and can determine employee performance development for several periode.Hasil of the performance appraisal company can provide feedback to employees so that it can decide the steps that can be taken in making decisions such as: promotion, increment occupation, or training for employees in need.Development of this system SDLC RAD (Rapid Application Development) author uses methods ranging from analysis up to application testing. Analysis and design of systems using the author of the Unified Modelling Language (UML). Making an application writer using the programming language PHP with MySQL database, and using the Black Box testing method for testing.   Keywords: Performance Appraisal, Employee, Exponential Comparative Method (MPE), SDLC RAD (Rapid Application Development) , Unified Modeling Language, PHP, MySQL, Black Box.




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