Analisis Prosedur Gadai Emas Syariah dalam Produk Rahn Emas IB. Hasanah (Studi Kasus pada PT. Bank BNI Syariah Cabang Bekasi)

Trisnawati T. • Euis Komariah
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016 Indonesia


Indonesia Economic conditions today are very difficult because of the weakening of the rupiah due to the strengthening of the dollar, the dismissal of employees and increase the cost of goods resulted in people not being able to make ends meet. The solution of this problem is to pawn valuables such as gold. The purpose of this study was to determine the procedures for the implementation of sharia pawning gold in Bank BNI Syariah and to determine whether the procedures have sharia gold pawn according to the characteristics and the precautionary principle based on the gold-backed products qardh Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 14/7 / DPbS dated February 29, 2012. The method used is descriptive qualitative. While the result is there are four procedures implemented by Bank BNI Syariah namely granting procedures Rahn financing, settlement procedures, the extension of funding procedures, and procedures for the sale of collateral. In general, Bank BNI Syariah has adjusted procedures based on sharia gold pawn Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 14/7 / DPbS dated February 29, 2012. Keywords: procedures of gold pawn sharia, Rahn financing




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