Sistem Informasi Manajemen Laporan Kegiatan Belajar Mengajar pada STMIK Bina Insani - Bekasi

Arif Permadi • Uus Rusmawan
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016


Teaching and Learning Activities is one of the important processes in education. Educational success is largely influenced by a good learning process, planned and directed. One element of evaluation in the learning process is a system that can monitor the process.In this case, we need a system to be able to evaluate the application in the form of teaching and learning activities in which there is information about faculty, courses, days, hours, rooms, number of students, the principal language, sub subject and others. With this application, the evaluation of teaching and learning can be done effectively and efficiently. Keywords: application, evaluation, learning, system.




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