Penerapan Seven Tools Pemeliaharaan pada Mesin Press Keramik pada PT Perkasa Primarindo Tambun

Koriyanti Anjani • Lia Muliati
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016


Improved quality and productivity require the involvement of production process equipment for the always excellent, so it takes a maintenance tool that is planned, scheduled periodically, in addition to the importance of finding the root of the problem in engine damage requires the use of seven tools of analysis as an analytical tool to find the cause of recurring problem that does not happen again in the future. This study aimed to determine the application of seven tools analysis in press machine at PT Perkasa Primarindo ceramics, Tambun. The research using descriptive analysis techniques kualitatif to perform data collection techniques of observation and interviews on related parties during one month at the company. The results showed that to know the root cause engine damage in the form of histogram analysis tools company, reports damage to the engine and diagram cause - effect. In this study suggested, should PT Perkasa Primarindo use check sheet as replacement of maintenance book report engine for easier and systematic, but it also can be used to support the use of other seven tools. As with Pareto charts that can help identify the most dominant problems in the engine. Key words : maintenance, preventive, corrective, seven tools analysis




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