Prosedur Penilaian Kinerja Karyawan Operator Departemen Produksi pada PT Martina Berto Tbk.

Anisah Anisah • Siti Rahmawati
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2017


  The performance assessment is an evaluation to determine any deficiencies employee performance to be found at the time of assessment. The performance assessment is very important for companies to provide motivation for employees, to continue working properly. The purpose of this study was to determine The Procedure of Employee Operator Performance Evaluation in Production Department  on PT Martina Berto Tbk.  The method used is descriptive analysis technique by comparing the company's performance in the assessment procedure with the concept. The results showed that the performance appraisal procedure first begins with identifying the purpose of the assessment, The second establishes the assessment criteria used were based on The second set of assessment criteria used were based on the relationship between work and individual characteristics, The third check work undertaken by job description, assessment is carried out once every 6 months for contract employees, while one year for permanent employees, The fourth judge the performance of people who judge are the direct and indirect boss, the methods used in the assessment is rating scales method, Fifth discuss joint assessment of employees and the last follow-up were given the results of the assessment in the form of reward or punishment, for contract employees reward is given in the form of extended or appointed as permanent employees, punishment in the form of contract was terminated, while permanent employees punishment in the form of mutation and demotion, rewards in the form  quite high salary increase and promotions.   Keywords: Assessment of performance, production operator




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