Sistem Informasi Reservasi Kamar Hotel pada Hotel Posters MICE

Ari Prabowo • Endang Retnoningsih
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016


Hotel reservations an activity in which a customer came to the hotel to book a room and stay in the rooms that had been booked. Booking is done by the customer, the hotels Posters MICE customer data collection process that will stay is still done by hand. Thus making the customer must come to the hotel to make a reservation directly. The reservation information system is an application that can help speed up the registration or registration time at the front desk. Cancellations can be directly managed by the admin or receptionist. Thus providing another convenience in making reservations. In making this information system using the method of system development in the form of a waterfall. At the time of making the program using Visual Basic .NET 2010. For a database used to create the database using sqlserver 2008. The implementation of this information can help employees to log the customer who stay and manage the information requirements needed to support the hotel business.




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