Sistem Informasi Pemilihan Siswa Terbaik SMP Tinta Emas Indonesia

Bangga Tua Siregar • Herlawati Herlawati
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2017 Indonesia


In terms of determine the best student which would require hard process and takes such a long time. SMP Tinta Emas Indonesia had already own criterias that students should achieve in case of selection the best students there are; academic values, morals and behaviours, disciplinary and student's activeness in school organization. The establishment and development of selection system with “Waterfall Method” which also refers to “Exponential Comparison Method” has purpose to facilitate the school to decided the best student. The exponential comparison method is a method that able to determine an alternative decision priority with some criterias. Determination the score and values of interest in each criteria is needed to simplify the counting process in this method. The implementation process of this system information is to deciding the best student, we took 20 students in first grade on SMP Tinta Emas Indonesia as samples. The result showed that student named Camellia Fathum got the highest score with 779 point, and Widya Indah Setyani got 165 point as the lowest score.information technology devices are expected to facilitate IT departments in data processing at any time using the website facility.   Keywords: Best Student Selection System, Exponential Comparison Method, Waterfall Method.




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