Sistem Pemantauan dan Pemeliharaan Perangkat Teknologi Informasi Berbasis Web pada Departemen IT PT Denso Indonesia Bekasi

Ahmad Jaenudin • Dwi Wahyuningtyas • Ananto Pamungkas, Petrus Dwi
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016 Indonesia


The bigger a company, the assets are also more and more, as well as the data assets. Monitoring and maintenance of asset data becomes very important to the company. Not terpantaunya assets and asset data can be an important issue for the company. Asset monitoring and maintenance system aims to simplify the company to monitor the data of existing assets in companies primarily in the IT department at PT Denso Indonesia. Monitoring is used for the collection and analysis of information based on the indicators set in a systematic and continuous activity or program so that corrective action can be done for the improvement of the program or activity further. A company has the assets, these assets must know the number and keadaaannya. For that we need a data monitoring these assets and for the smooth running of the company's operations, assets must be maintained so that the condition of these assets maintained its quality. PT Denso Indonesia is a company engaged in manufacturing. There are several departments and stuff that becomes an asset and non asset in the company. One is the IT department. One of the tasks of the IT Department is monitoring the computer asset data. During this time for monitoring data assets such as computer goods still using MS. Office (Excel) for data processing. IT departments are required to record and monitor any asset that is requested and issued asset. To facilitate the data collection then be made of monitoring systems and maintenance of web-based information technology devices are expected to facilitate IT departments in data processing at any time using the website facility. Keywords: system, system monitoring and maintenance, website.




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