Analisis Tingkat Kesehatan Keuangan Perbankan Menggunakan Metode RGEC (Studi Kasus pada Bank BUMN Periode 2011-2014)

Nur Shinta • Indra Wijaya
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016 Indonesia


Banks are financial institutions that ver important role in driving the economy of nation. the valuation Financial performance of the bank could be value by doing analyze of the financial statements of the bank. The research aim was to analyze the level of financial health governance bank from 2011 to 2014. The population was all of governance banks listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research was used by RGEC (Risk Profile, Good Coorporate Governance, Earnings, and Capital) method. The financials were used financial statement comprehensive and income statement comprehensive Mandiri's bank, BRI's bank, BNI's bank and BTN's bank. The results showed, BRI's bank owned the most excellent financial performance. This is indicated b the larger ROA in 2011-2014. The worst financial performance BTN owned because had LDR substandar predicate bank Indonesia. Keywords : Financial Performance, health of bank, BUMN's bank, RGEC method.




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