Penyimpanan Arsip Permanen pada Sub-Direktorat Sumber Daya Manusia PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON+)

Anggitia Nur Agustien • Selfiana Selfiana
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2017 Indonesia


Filing a part of office work is very important. Filing is needed in the administration because the archive is the memory center of all activities within an office. An organization can't remember all the records and documents are complete, if no archive. The system is also called the archival filing, the system associated with the archive. Factors that cause the archive is not managed properly because of a lack of awareness of employees, is also not available for specialized personnel in the field of archives and many companies are paying less attention to the archival system, both in terms of maintenance and storage, so that the archive is hard to find back if at any the time required.   Keyword: file, ICON+, pemanency, human resource development, safe.




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