Sistem Informasi Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru pada STMIK Akademi Bina Insani Menggunakan Metode Waterfall

Aziz Lathif Yusuf • Syahbaniar Rofiah
Journal article Jurnal Mahasiswa Bina Insani • 2016


The development of information technology has developed very quickly following the needs of the times that require speed and accuracy in all aspects of life. The development follows the terms of the hardware, software, and in terms of human resources to operate. At this time almost all areas of life need information technology and human behavior are already accustomed to applying information technology in everyday life. With computers we can perform data processing and data storage. Can also perform data input, edit data, save, delete and others. So that data is managed more effectively and efficiently. With advances in technology very rapidly now, bring an idea or ideas from writers to try to computerize Admissions in STMIK-Academy Bina Insani. The author tries to build an information system analysis and design that will help to facilitate the processing of data including data Freshmen Prospective Students Programs and data, in order to facilitate the processing of data is more optimal and effective. System Design that will be created is the New Student Information System using waterfall method, Keywords: Waterfall, Information Systems Admissions.




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