Cerita Rakyat “Asal-usul Pulau Halang”: Analisis Fungsi Vladimir Propp

Yeni Maulina
Journal article Madah • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Classical Malay literature in prose is classified in the form of folklore. The plot of folklore describes phenomena and object that exist, by explaining aspects of composition and structure, or aspects of the processes and changes. In other words, in order to determine the origin of an object or objects in folklore, the phenomenon of the object or objects must be recognized first. It is known as original motifs of folklore. Folklore based on structuralism approach sought to facilitate understanding in terms of language or text used. In a fairy tale actors and its properties can be changed, but actions and their role remains the same. Vladimir Propp divided 31 functions of folklore by linking the events and actions of different that have the same meaning, or imply the same conduct. Folklore of the Asal Usul Pulau Halang has sixteen Vladimir Propp's functions. The function in this folklore was developed starting from the first function, the function of IX, the function of X, the function of XII, the function of XIV, the function of the XV, the function of XVI, the function of the XIX, the function of XX, the function of XXI, the function XXIII, the function of XXIV, the function of XXV, the function of the XXIX, the functions of XXX, and the functions of XXXI.





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