Investment Competitiveness of Regencies/Cities in Indonesia, 2005: Rating of 169 Regencies and 59 Cities in Indonesia and Summary Report

Agung Pambudhi • Bambang Ps Brodjonegoro • Hadi Soesastro • Djisman Simanjuntak • Ig. Sigit Murwito 3 more

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This is the fifth year for KPPOD (Regional Autonomy Watch) to implement its annual study of “Investment Competitiveness of Regencies/Cities in Indonesia”. Since the first socialization of the 2001 study results, public response toward the rank has been extensive. The private sector has shown its appreciation by using the study result as one of its sources to formulate investment policies; academicians have shared their opinions on the methodology used in the study; moreover, some prominent international institutions have used the studies' findings as their reference. In brief, in the discourse of regional investment environment, the Investment Competitiveness of Regencies/Cities in Indonesia has been one of the main references.




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