Design and Implementation of Welding Mobile Robot Using a Proposed Control Scheme Based On Its Developed Dynamic Modeling for Tracking Desired Welding Trajectory

Nguyen Hung • Ho Dac Loc

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(English, 8 pages)


This paper presents a proposed control scheme that makes the combination of a kinematic controller (KC) and an integral sliding mode controller (ISMC) for a welding mobile robot (WMR) to track a desired welding path. First, a posture tracking error vector is defined and a kinematic controller is designed based on kinematic modeling to make the tracking error vector go to zero asymptotically. Second, a sliding surface vector is defined based on the velocity tracking error vector and its integral term. And then, an integral sliding mode dynamic controller is designed based on developed dynamic modeling to make velocity tracking error vector also go to zero asymptotically. The above controllers are obtained by backstepping method. The stability of system is proved based on the Lyapunov stability theory. To implement the designed tracking controller, a control system is developed based on DSP F28355 and ATmega328. A scheme for measuring the posture tracking error vector using torch sensor is presented. The simulation and experiment results are shown to illustrate effectiveness and the applicability to the welding industry field of the proposed controller.




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