Agromorphological characterization of three (3) hybrid carrot varieties (Daucus carota), cultivated in the commune of Korhogo, in northern Côte d'Ivoire

Coulibaly Lacina Fanlégué • Siene Laopé Ambroise Casimir • Kouame Konan • Coulibaly Namongo Adama
Journal article International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science • October 2017 Côte d'Ivoire

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(English, 8 pages)


The carrot (Daucus carota) is a biennial plant whose pivoting root plays a major role in feeding populations worldwide. Few studies have been carried out on the characterization of the agromorphological diversity of this species. Varieties were collected, in order to assess their agromorphological performances under the ecological conditions of Korhogo. The Amazonia, Pamela+, Bahia and Madona varieties were evaluated. The Amazonia variety, which is the most cultivated in the Korhogo region, was used as a control. The study was carried out using a completely randomized Fisher block system, comprising 4 treatments and 4 repetitions. The blocks were separated by a distance of 80 cm. In the same block, the elementary plots were spaced 50 cm apart. Each elementary plot consists of 6 seeding lines, spaced 25 cm, and comprising 72 plants. The measurements concerned some vegetative and agronomic characteristics. The results obtained showed that the Pamela+ variety, with a yield of 25 t/ha, was the most productive. It is also distinguished from other varieties by the length of the roots and the high number of leaves produced. The Bahia and Madona varieties showed similar characteristics and less efficient than those of the control (Amazonia). On the basis of the characteristics evaluated, the Pamela+ variety was the most efficient and adapted to the agroecological conditions of the Korhogo region. However, the evaluation of certain characteristics will confirm the results of this study.




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