Desinging of 3D Seismic Survey And Data Processing of Abu Amood Oil Field Southern of Iraq

Salman Z. Khorshid • Ahmed I. Khaleel

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3D seismic reflection study was applied to Abu Amood oil field which is located to the southern part of Iraq within Dhi Qar province that carried out by oil Exploration Company to an area 1534.88 Km2 for studying Nahr Umr Formation. Field tests was the first stage in exploration to determination the best standard to get the better records of signal to noise ratio which is given for instruments to act on it to get better results: In the field of Abu Amood there are three main of field tests (noise test, signal test and geometry distribution pattern of vibrators). According to field tests the seismic selected the standard field to accomplish of the survey program. The pre-planning of the survey, the second step in oil exploration crew used specific design that ensures of execution with high quality of seismic recorded data. The processing of seismic data were carried out using Omega ve 2.7 included processing the following steps:- (Reformating, Geometry defines, Gain (Spherical Diversions), Static Correction (Elevation Static), AMPSCAL (Noise Suppression by Amplitude Scaling) or (Random Noise Attenuation), TMDDF(Trimmed Mean Dynamic Dip Filter), SCAC (Surface Consistent Amplitude Compensation), Surface-Consistent Deconvolution, CMP Sort, Stack Velocity Analysis ( First Pass) , Residual Static Correction Calculation and Application, Normal Move Out Correction / Mute / Stack, Post Stack Time Migration).




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