Stakeholder Perception in the Organizational Environment Focusing on Behavior

Daniel Berg Rodrigues Barroso • Ronei De Araújo Mimo • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • Tiyao Sui-Qui • Fábio Rogério De Morais

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(English, 11 pages)


Behavior has meaning for the organizational climate, leading to studies such as this related to stakeholder perception in the institutional environment. This task is based on the Behavioral Management Theory and the additional concepts required. It was sought to know the relation of the intervening factors, from the method of case study of qualitative-quantitative nature, in order to establish comparisons and to produce the results. The general objective is to study the stakeholder perception process in the organizational environment focused on the behavioral effect and it has as specific objectives to treat and identify the relationship of the intervening factors with the organizational climate in the face of data collected among the consulted, to perform the SWOT on the positioning of individuals in the organizational environment and how this perception is characterized in the face of the organizational climate present in the consulted organ. The research indicates that the majority of respondents stated that the organizational climate present in the organ consulted satisfactory, propitiates the good organizational environment in the organ. Confrontation between the theoretical indicatives and the reality identified in the institutional environment allows to affirm that in fact there is internal influence, such as the motivation and external organization, as the possibility of losing the employee attracted by other opportunities outside the institution. Analysis allows to identify the need for physical improvement of the professional space, and in the interaction between stakeholders; redistribution of work that avoids overload; but the motivation and good internal relation between the individuals surpass the expectation. This work interests the managers in public organs and other interested in the subject here treated.




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