Lemon Juice as a Natural Catalyse for Synthesis of Shiff’s base: A Green Chemistry Approach

Azadeh Alikhani • Naser Foroughifar • Hoda Pasdar

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The advantages of the use of natural catalysts are eco-friendly, inexpensive, high yields, nonhazardous and short reaction times. The utilization of green chemistry techniques is the elimination of solvents during chemical processes or the replacement of hazardous solvents with environmentally friendly solvents. Green chemistry has used for the synthesis of Schiff bases. Synthesis of Schiff base is carried out the mixture of aldehyde (or ketone) and amine in organic medium with or without an acid catalyst. He presents study Uses Lemon juice as a natural and eco-friendly catalyst in the green chemistry investigated. The synthesized product was characterized by its physical properties, melting point, TLC and then subjected to the in vitro antibacterial activities against gram-positive and gram-negative strains of microbes.




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