Sustainability Assessment Method GEITEC: An interdisciplinary technology based on the Theory U

Jeoval Batista Da Silva • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • Tomas Daniel Menendez Rodriguez • Haroldo De Sá Medeiros

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(English, 10 pages)


This paper aims to develop a method for assessing the sustainability of sustainable use units through indicators. The specific objectives are to identify the characteristics of sustainability assessment criteria in Extractive Reserves (1), to elaborate a method for sustainability evaluation to those Extractive Reserves (2) and to develop a critical analysis bout the efficiency of the proposed method (3). The focus on Theory U, present in the work, allows an adequate operational interpretation about the use of indicators for the evaluation of sustainability. As a result, the GEITEC Method of Sustainability Endogenous Assessment was elaborated, in which the logical convergence of the object searched was pointed out. In this way, it presents the alignment of the academy, through strictosensu programs, in a search for means that guide appropriate technologies to be applied, not only as a phatic interpretation, but also to support actions to benefit the environment, to the social that should be adequately protected, to the economy in view of its importance for endogenous development and to the organizational structures that must be managed with skill for the success of the common interest. This research is a contribution to those involved in decisions related to sustainability.




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