Diagnostic pro-innovation methodology for socio-environmental responsible organizations

Iluska Lobo Braga • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • Jeoval Batista Da Silva • Irene Yoko Taguchi Sakuno • Janilene Vasconcelos De Melo

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(English, 10 pages)


Organizational managers seek to align their strategies in order to keep their business in the competitive environment. This qualitative research is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior, the concepts of innovation and other related required. The expectation of this task is to interpret the client's perception as a driver for the innovation required in the operating system of supermarkets in the city of Porto Velho, capital of Rondônia State, Brazil. It has as main objective to develop a valid methodology to the monitoring of change required in the face of the behavior of the consumer. For this, specific objectives are required: Identify the elements of innovation that promote changes in the behavior of the consumer (1), describe the innovations perceived by the consumers in organizations socially and environmentally responsible (2), and develop a methodology to diagnose the organizational innovation (3). It was adopted the Case Study Method, with bibliographic research, focus groups, questionnaires, data tabulation, analysis and critique of the content and preparation of the results obtained. As an additional instrument was used the Table Likert in the measurement of five options, in order to understand the satisfaction of the respondent. The research shows that supermarkets satisfy the purchase item, but that the organization needs to focus on four elements to improve their performance; when considering these elements forward the strategic functional activities, it is possible to identify the challenges of innovation focused on the excellence of the organization's operating system; the methodology proposes the performing of diagnostic processes that drive the innovation processes for an efficient and effective strategic performance in organizations dedicated to the customer. It is expected to recognize the consumer's perception and, based on thi parameters, guide the processes of innovation strategically. This study is a contribution to organizations seeking competitive advantage through continuous innovation focused on the customer.




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