Evaluation of Water Quality for Water Bathing Conditions on Querer Beach in the Municipality of Santa Rosa, Tocantins

Rubens Oliveira Lustosa • Angelo Ricardo Balduíno • Diogo Pedreira Lima • Polyana Lopes Da Silva

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(English, 8 pages)


The water is an indispensable natural resource for life, economic development, and the conservation and maintenance of ecosystem services. It is known that the quantity and quality of water available for consumption is decreasing considerably and the increasing scarcity of this resource may be associated with factors such as the irregular distribution of water, waste and irrational use of it, socioeconomic and environmental problems, pollution of resources inadequate disposal of sewage, lack of basic sanitation and treatment of sewage, among others. In this way, the environmental problems have gained relevant space in the current discussions due to their importance, making the debates of these questions in the society necessary. Because of the anthropic activities that have been developed in a disorderly way and without planning, it reflects drastically in the environmental degradation, especially in this case, in the quality of the waters, which compromises this natural resource, whatever the purpose of its use. Thus, the objective of this work is to evaluate the water quality of Querer Beach in Santa Rosa-TO, promoting a water bathing condition study. Therefore, to investigate the effects of anthropogenic interferences on water quality, the water quality was evaluated by means of monitoring. The analyzes of the bathing conditions, show the percentages obtained for the situations in which the beach is classified as suitable for bathing, the investigations followed the criteria established by the CONAMA resolution nº 274/00. The water quality at a specific point of the beach was evaluated and monitored for a determined period of six weeks, and the microbiological indicator of water quality according to the Collilert technique according to the methodology described by Standard Methods was used as a parameter. In this way, it was possible to verify the tolerances of the Brazilian parameters for the water bathing conditions indicators of Querer Beach.




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