Study about Emotions, Passions and Feelings on a Military Organization

Lilian O. Gouveia • Lino Nery Infante • Leonardo Severo Da Luz Neto • Luiz Carlos Cavalcanti De Albuquerque • Flávio De São Pedro Filho

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(English, 11 pages)


The behavior of employees in the workplace is influenced by intervening variables, among them are the feelings, passions and emotions. This work is based on Management's Behavioral Theory, bringing the general objective of studying the behavior of employees focusing on feelings, emotions and passions in the research organization; and specific objectives treat intervening variables in human behavior in the organization studied (1) characterize the organizational behavior of the institution (2), and set up environmental SWOT analysis study focusing on emotions, passions and feelings (3). The organization analyzed is a military corporation in Candeias do Jamari municipality in the state Rondônia. It used the case study method, qualitative and quantitative nature.Data collection was performed by application form and visit onsite to generate the report points out, as the data collected, which employees agree that the organization is made up of soldiers who have emotions, passions and feelings, and organizational behavior it is influenced by external and internal factors; at the individual level they are motivated and satisfied; the group level there is a good relationship, but lack confidence in stakeholders in performing the services; at the organizational level it is observed that there is no consensus among respondents regarding the influence of organizational culture on behavior; the SWOT Matrix was possible to raise the strengths and weaknesses in the corporation, considering the focus of the approach. This research is an academic contribution to managers trying to influence the decision making of its employees and groups through organizational behavior.




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