Music Algebra: Harmonic Progressions Analysis and CAT (Cataldo Advanced Transformations)

Carmine Cataldo

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(English, 4 pages)


In this article we formally introduce an original method, the purpose of which fundamentally lies in providing musicians with a reliable instrument that may effectively assist them in carrying out, as simply and intuitively as possible, the analysis of whatever chord progression, without resorting to the so-called "modal interchange". Net of a single exception (a routine named "structure reduction"), the whole method is based on a series of harmonic transformations. The above-mentioned transformations, named CAT (the acronym stands for Cataldo Advanced Transformations), turn out to be nothing but inverse chord substitutions characterized by specific conditions and restrictions. The method arises from the analysis of a considerable number of chord progressions, devoting particular (although not exclusive) attention to traditional jazz compositions: in this regard, it is worth highlighting how a significant improvement of CAT has been achieved by conducting an extremely thorough analysis of the so-called LEGO Bricks (public domain harmonic patterns).




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