Development of a Computational Tool for the Analysis of Hydro-Sanitary Designs

Rafael De Medeiros • Ana Maria Pallaoro • Silvio Edmundo Pilz • Claudio Alcides Jacoski • Marcelo Fabiano Costella

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(English, 10 pages)


The high demand for hydro-sanitary designs to be analyzed by the public system, in addition to the long time it takes to complete such analyses, reveals that the employed verification methodology and bureaucratic procedures are obsolete. The main objective of this work was to develop a computational tool for releasing and analyzing hydro-sanitary systems, seeking to automate the process. The methodology was initiated with the creation of an electronic archive of the rules and laws pertinent to the subject, followed by the identification of the work routines for hydro-sanitary designs, the programming of the tool, the creation of an electronic repository for objects and, finally, the validation of the software through testing. As a result, the computational model will automatically retrieve project data in the BIM platform and assess information of designs developed in CAD. Based on this work, the conclusion can be drawn that the automation of the release and analysis processes of hydro-sanitary designs is possible and achievable.




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