Sedekah Bumi (Nyadran) sebagai Konvensi Tradisi Jawa dan Islam Masyarakat Sraturejo Bojonegoro

Arinda R., Ichmi Yani
Journal article El-Harakah • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


“Sedekah Bumi (Nyadran)” is a tradition preserved by the society of Sraturejo, Bojonegoro. This research describes Nyadran by researcher using ethnographic design. The result shows that Nyadran is carried out after harvest crops of the whole Sraturejo people. The purposes of Nyadran are first, to express gratitude to God for the blessings given to the public with an abundant harvest. Second, to respect the ancestors for the merits of opening the land as a place to live in the society as well as to look for a living. Third, the implementation of Nyadran can strengthen inter-community solidarity with one and another. Fourth, it preserves the native cultures. The benefits that have been perceived by Sraturejo society by holding the tradition of Sedekah Bumi (Nyadran )is the society feel a closer sense to the Creator, away from distractions (reinforcements) and diseases, better yields.





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