Analisis Tuturan Direktif Dan Nilai Budaya Pada Buku Al'arabiyah Bayna Yadayka

Tatang Tatang • Syihabuddin Syihabuddin
Journal article El-Harakah • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


This article examines the types of directive speech act in the book Al'arabiyah Bayna Yadayka, and its values of Arabic culture. This study was motivated by the lack of students' understanding of Arabic culture, whereas they are prospecting to be Arabic teachers. To examine this issue we used a descriptive method with critical discourse analysis, comparative analysis, and pragmatic analysis which is based on Grice's and Leech's theories. The data analysis found that in the Al'Arabiyyah Yadayka Baina there are 93 types of questions using directive speech, 8 of solicitation, 9 of petition, 9 of offers, 2 of rejection, and 1 of prohibition. The directive speech contains the traditions and values of Arab and Islamic cultures, i.e the Arabic speech system which is directive, assertive, and straightforward, the use of insya Allah phrase, the holiday traditions, the worships, the tradition of similar speech opponents, the factual topics, and the topics in the Islamic laws. This tradition constitutes the principle of cooperation and politeness. This Arabic communication and the Islamic values must be taught to the Arabic students to improve their multicultural competence and the Islamic values.





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