The Influence of Job Position and Gender Issue on Work Stress at Prismadana Bank

Eva Muntu


Nowadays a lot of employees do not know how bigger and danger the work stress that they faced in their workplace. Work stress is the one of many things that can make serious problem for every employee. Work stress is the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when job requirements do not match the worker€™s capabilities, resources, and needs. Work stress also has different levels, both in terms of job position and gender. So, the objectives of this research are influence of job position and gender issue on work stress at Manado Prismadana Bank. This research used multiple linear regression analysis, to analyze the influence of independent variables to dependent variable. And the respondents for this research are 30 peoples. Based on the result, Job Position and Gender on Work Stress are simultaneously. So, the result of variables Job position and Gender has the most significant influence to Work Stress. And for Managerial should improve the professionalism of employees work to gain earnestly, since the role of job position and genders have significant influence on work stress. Keywords: work stress, job position, and gender




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