Peran Serum IL-6 dan CA-125 Prabedah sebagai Prediktor Resektabilitas Tumor pada Kanker Ovarium Tipe Epitel

Andi Kurniadi • Yudi M. Hidayat • Dodi Suardi • Herman Susanto • Gatot N. A. W. 1 more
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The success of ovarian cancer therapy is determined by optimal cytoreduction performed prior to chemotherapy. Maximum residual tumor after cytoreduction and before chemotherapy is essential for prognosis. Factors affecting tumor mass resectability are the surgeon, location of the mass, ascites more than 1000 mL, carcinomatosis, mass in lymph nodes more than 1 cm, mass at the liver parenchym, large mass up to diaphragm and pre-operative CA-125 > 500 MIU / L will increase the likelihood of suboptimal cytoreduction. IL-6 and CA-125 play a role in the occurrence of those factors, so both examinations are expected to improve the prediction of cytoreduction resectability and determine the appropriate choice for the treatment of ovarian cancer, either cytoreduction or neoadjuvant chemotherapy.The design of this study is cross sectional that is by examining patients suspected of ovarian Malignancy, checking for their preoperative IL-6 and CA-125 levels and their resectability. Data analysis done by univariat and bivariate. For categorical data tested by chi-square test or Exact Fisher test, significance test used unpaired T test or Mann Whitney test. Analysis of numerical variables by numerical using Pearson correlation analysis or Spearman correlation analysis as well as correlation between numerical variables with nominal variables using Eta Correlation test. The data obtained is recorded in a special form and then processed with SPSS version 24.0 for WindowsPatients collected during the study period were 54, where only 36 people met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. It was found that most subjects were aged 40-64 years (77.8%), mean value of CA-125 for suboptimal cytoreduction group was higher than optimal cytoreduction (1099,75 + 1242,555 vs 311,23 + 160,165), which is statistically significant, p = 0,000 (p value <0,05), CA 125 cut off point in this research was 432 with sensitivity value of 72,2% and specificity value of 77,88%. The mean value of IL-6 for the suboptimal cytoreduced group was greater than the optimized cytoreduction (137.72 + 107.658 VS 62.20 + 66.330), which is statistically significant, p = 0.009 (p value <0.05), IL-6 cut off point at this study was 64.9 with a sensitivity of 72.2% and a specificity of 72.2 %. There was a positive correlation with a strong correlation strength between CA-125 levels and the operating outcome, p = 0.012 (p <0.05), there was a positive correlation with a small correlation strength between IL-6 levels and the outcome of surgery, p = 0,016 (p <0,05) and there was correlation between IL-6 and CA-125 presurgery with operating outcome (suboptimal and optimal cytoreduction) with cut off point 418,5 with sensitivity value 88.9% and specificity value 72,2% .Conclusion: There is a correlation between the levels of IL-6 and CA-125 and ovarian cancer resectability.




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