Penguatan Aspek Kelembagaan Mendukung Percepatan Perkembangan USAha Ternak Sapi Potong - Kelapa Sawit di Kecamatan Hulu Kuantan Kabupaten Kuansing Provinsi Riau

Andriati Zaenun • Titim Rahmawati
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • March 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Inline with an advance of palm oil waste management into feed, it is a high possibility to integrate cattle farming into smallholder palm oil plantation. The activity will involv several stakeholders including government and also non government institutions with specific role facing a complex institution interaction. This condition indicated the need of field assessment to measure contibution weight of each stakeholder to a chieve harmony interaction among involved institutions to support developement of cattle farming. For this reason, field assessment on strengthening of instituion aspects has been done in Hulu Kuantan sub districts of Kuansing regency following an analytical hierarchy process approach in 2014. Primery data were collected while conducting focus group discussion (FGD) to 20 respondens (representing of farmers, head of farmers group, head of association of of farmers groups, researchers, and extentionist of Riau Assessment Institute for Agriculture Technolgy, Local animal husbandry services, local animal husbandry and health extentionists of Kuansing Regency), following purposive sampling method. Secondary data including management aspects of cattle farming were collected from the related institutions. The collected data were analyzed using Criterium Decission Plus (CDP) soft ware. The assessment showed that at factor level, working capital had the important role with contribution weight of 34.50%, while at actor level farmer group became important role with contribution weight of 25.50%. Increasing of farmer's income became main goal with contribution weight of 38.60%. Based the interaction among level from actor-goal, the best management of cattle farming was conducted by farmer group with contribution weight of 38.00%.AHP, CDP




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