Characteristic of (Agi)0.44 (Lii)0.22 (Agpo3)0.34 Ionic Conductor Prepared by Melt Quenching Method

Makhsun Makhsun • T. Sakuma • E. Kartini
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Materials Science • January 2014

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(English, 4 pages)


CHARACTERISTIC OF (AgI)0.44 (LiI)0.22 (AgPO3)0.34 IONIC CONDUCTOR PREPARED BY MELT QUENCHING METHOD. Characterization of (AgI)0.44 (LiI)0.22 (AgPO3)0.34 ionic conductor prepared by melt quenching method have been carried out by using X-RayDiffractometer (XRD), Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) and Inductance (L) Capacitance (C) Resistance (R) meter. X-ray diffraction pattern shows that the compound has a mixture of amorphous and small amount of crystalline formwith several Bragg peaks correspond toAgI. The DSC thermograph shows that an endothermic peak at temperature ~420 K matches with the phase transition ofAgI which reinforces that a number ofAgI are not dissolved in the material of (AgI)0.44 (LiI)0.22 (AgPO3)0.34 . The obtained dc ionic conductivity is around ~10-2 S/cmat ambient temperature. The activation energy has two values, 0.20 eV below ~380 K and 0.15 eV above ~380 K.




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