Farming Analysis and Marketing Chain of Robusta Coffee in Bengkulu

Dewi Listyati • Bedy Sudjarmoko • Abdul Muis Hasibuan • Enny Randriani
Journal article Journal of Industrial and Beverage Crops • 2017 Indonesia


Coffee farming is economically important for farmers in Bengkulu and the demand/consumption is also increasing which prompted the government to promote its development to improve the community economy. This research aimed to find the economic contributions of coffee farming and a general overview of its marketing by survey method, conducted from May to August 2014 in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu. Data were collected from 40 respondents (farmers, traders at village and district level, wholesalers, and exporters), analyzed by cross tabulations, which then explained descriptively. The result showed that coffee farming in Bengkulu provides reasonable revenue for farmers, which can reach up to IDR8,417,600.00/ha with a value of R/C ratio of 1.87 for Robusta coffee farmers. The coffee chain marketing of Robusta coffee involving farmers as producers, traders at village or subdistrict level as initial gatherers who sell to wholesalers. Coffee marketing in Bengkulu is fairly efficient with relatively low market margin and the producers receive more than 50%.




Journal of Industrial and Beverage Crops

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