Effects of Organic and Chemical Fertilizers on Growth and Yield ofOnion (Allium cepa L)

Mangesh M. Vedpathak • Balbhim L. Chavan

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The field trials were carried out to study the effects of organic and chemical fertilizers on growth and yield characteristics of onion (Allium Cepa L) at outdoor nursery of Solapur University, in agricultural farm in the district ofSolapur, Maharashtra State, India. Plot size 2m x 1m (2m2) were prepared for conducting field experiment. The experiment was arrangedin Randomized Block Design (RBD) method with five treatments and three replications. The treatment details consist of vermicompost (T1) at rate 0.5 kg/plot (@ 0.25 kg/sq. m), NADEP compost (T2) at rate 1.25kg/plot(@ 0.625 kg/sq. m), pit compost (T3) at rate 1.25kg/plot (@ 0.625 kg/sq. m), recommended dose of chemical fertilizers 100:50:50 kg ha-1 (T4)and Control T5. The outcomes of field study showed that the highestlength of leaves (cm/plant), single bulb weight (gm/plant), bulb yield (Kg/plot) were maximum with application of recommended dose of chemical fertilizer as compared to other fertilizer treatments. The application of vermicompost also gave the maximum plant biomass per plant of onion.




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