Comparative Performance of Selected RSJ Bivoltine Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) Breeds under Subtropical region of Jammu

Murali S. • Tayal M. K. • Anil Dhar

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The study was conducted on selected silkworm breeds viz., RSJ 1, RSJ 3, RSJ 4, RSJ 11, RSJ 13, RSJ 14 and RSJ 15 were utilized. Observations on the different morphological and economic traits of silkworm, Bombyx mori L. were taken. The Perusal of the data reveals that the fecundity was recorded from 384.00 (RSJ 13) to 493.67 (RSJ 1) and hatching per cent ranged from 86.88 (RSJ 13) to 97.61 (RSJ 3). The larval weight varied in the range of 36.46 g (RSJ 13) to 42.89 g (RSJ 11) whereas, larval duration was observed in the range of 24.00 (RSJ 13) days to 25.03 (RSJ 3) days. The larval length recorded as on 6th day 7.68 cm (RSJ 14) to 8.32 cm (RSJ 11). Single cocoon weight ranged from 1.24 g (RSJ 3) to 1.77 g (RSJ 15). The highest single cocoon weight was RSJ 15 (1.77 g), Single shell weight ranged from 0.22 g to 0.35 g. Maximum shell weight recorded in RSJ 14 (0.35 g), Shell percentage 16.73 per cent (RSJ 13) to 21.12 per cent (RSJ 3). Maximum yield recoded in RSJ 1 (16.01 Kg), was observed significantly superior compared to others. These findings will help the sericulturists in finding suitable breed for getting more economic returns from silkworm rearing. It is observed that RSJ 1 is having highest yield per 10, 000 larvae.




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