Effect of Mining Activities on Vegetation Composition and nutrient status of Forest Soil in Benue Cement Company, Benue State, Nigeria

Unanaonwi O. E. • Amonum J. I.

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(English, 9 pages)


Mining is essential in the economic development plan of any country endowed with mineral resources. This is due to both internal and external economic benefits that are made available to countries that are involved in the extraction of mineral resources. Internally, there is creation of employment and revenue generation among others while externally; a substantial foreign exchange is available to such countries. However, looking at the socio-economic importance of the industry, most countries lose sight of the ensuing effect that might accrue to an area as a result of mining activities. This study sought to provide an empirical data to ascertain whether or not mining activities has affected tree diversity of the area in general and on vegetation and soil nutrients in particular. In the study diversity indices (Shannon, margalef and Pielou's evenness) all indicated higher values for adjacent site 5 km away from the factory. Soil health indicators investigated revealed significant differences except Potassium, with adjacent site having higher mean values. This study has indicated that tree diversity was higher in the adjacent site and also that soil 5 km away from the factory was healthier than soil within factory site. Construction of shield over factory site is suggested.




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