Effects of Fungicides for Non Target Fungi Alternaria cassiae

Silvia Patricia Carraschi • Claudinei Da Cruz • Aritana Gil Basile • Robinson Antonio Pitelli

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The fungicides are used to control of pathogenic fungi in several tilth but they can affect negatively the microorganisms diversity of soil. The aim of this research was to evaluate the toxicity and environmental risk of tebuconazoles: captan, tebuconazole and the mixture chlorothalonil + propamocarb hidrochloride for fungi Alternaria cassiae. Each fungicide were performed three experiments in completely randomized design with three repetitions and the growth was evaluated daily. Inhibition concentration (IC50;7d) of tebuconazole was 3.49 mg L-1, the captan was 47.36 mg L-1 and of mixture chlorothalonil + propamocarb hidrochloride, 64.04 mg L-1. Tebuconazole is classified as moderately toxic and sensitivity, captan, low toxicity and sensitivity and the mixture, non toxic and insensitive but only captan showed possibility of adverse effect for A. cassiae.




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