Extraction and Quantification of Carpaine from Carica papaya Leaves of Vietnam

Do Thi Hoa Vien • Tran Van Loc

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Our previous research indicated that carpaine and its derivative pseudocarpaine extracted from Carica papaya leaves had anti-cancer activity. In this study, we extracted the total alkaloid from Carica papaya leaves, then extracted carpaine and quantitative analyzed carpaine in the total alkaloid. Carica papaya leaves was crushed, and then extracted with EtOH to obtain the total extract. This extract was extracted with suitable solvent to obtain total alkaloid. Continued to extract the total alkaloid by using open column chromatography and crystallizing method to purify carpaine. The research result showed that the total alkaloid in Carica papaya leaves was 0.2% comparing with dried material. Quantitative analyze of purified carpaine by HPLC determined that carpaine was the main alkaloid with the content was 63% of the total alkaloid extracted from Carica papaya leaves.




International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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