Mathematical Modeling of Sun and Solar Drying Kinetics of Fermented Cocoa Beans

Olabinjo O. O. • Olajide J. O. • Olalusi A. P.

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(English, 8 pages)


In this study, thin layer drying experiments were conducted to compute drying characteristics of fermented cocoa beans in open sun and indirect natural convection solar dryer. The drying experiments were conducted at the same time for comparison. Three different thin layers drying of the fermented beans were examined under field conditions for Akure, Nigeria. The drying process took place only in the falling rate period. The drying curves obtained from the experimental data were fitted to thirteen (13) different thin layer mathematical models. All the models were compared according to three evaluation parameters. These include coefficient of determination (R2), Root mean square error (RMSE) and Chi-square (X2).The results showed that increasing drying air temperature resulted to shorter drying times. The Vermal et al. model was found to be the most suitable for describing the drying curve of the convective indirect solar drying process of cocoa beans with R2 = 0.9562, X2=0.0069 and RMSE=0.0067; while, the Midilli and Kucuk model, best described the drying curve of fermented cocoa beans under open sun with R2 = 0.9866, X2=0.0024 and RMSE=0.0023.




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