Life Cycle Analysis of the panela agroindustry: Intensification for its development

Walter Francisco Quezada Moreno • Walter David Quezada Torres • Erenio González Suárez • Marcia Judith Torres Tambo • Franklin Antonio Molina Borja 2 more

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(English, 8 pages)


The research made it possible to identify sensitive environmental factors generated in all the operations carried out in an intensified panela agroindustry for the purposes of diversification, productivity, quality and safety. Results of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), according to the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology show that in all impact categories, the industrial stage of the production of honey, panela and sugar, cause greater environmental impact, being the two latter the most representative. However, according to the Ecuadorian environmental legislation, the impacts of the panela agroindustry are considered to be moderate and cataloged type II, therefore it does not require intensive corrective practices. However, it requires preventive actions aimed to mitigate impacts, considering that it is a subsector of the sugar cane industry that is present as production units throughout the country, where there are favorable conditions for the cultivation of sugar cane.




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