Determination of Anthocyaninsin Red Grape Juices Made From Different Varieties by HPLC

İlkay Türkmen Özen • Aziz Ekşi

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This study was conducted to determine the anthocyanin profiles of red grape juice. As research material, twelve different red grape varieties which were collected from the main producing regions in Turkey and red grape juice samples made from them were analyzed. The anthocyanins peaks on HPLC-chromatograms in red grapes were identified as cyanidin-3-glucoside, delphinidin-3-glucoside, malvidin-3-glucoside, peonidin-3-glucoside and petunidin-3-glucoside. According the results, the pre-dominant anthocyanins of red grape juice was malvidin-3-glucoside which was found between 21.77-277.54 mg/L. It was followed by peonidin-3-glucoside which was found between 3.05-74.26 mg/L and then cyanidin-3-glucoside which was found between 3.02-16.94 mg/L. Delphinidin-3-glucoside and petunidin-3-glucoside were not detected in most red grape juices. This work is important to chemical description of local grape varieties and selection of suitable raw material for fruit juice industry.




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