Required flows for aquatic ecosystems in Ma River, Vietnam

Luong Ngoc Chung • Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc • Trieu Anh Ngoc • Nguyen Thanh Nam • Le Viet Son 1 more

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Ecological flow requirements for the Ma River in dry season were assessed in three reaches of Ma – Buoi, Ma – Len and Ma – Chu. 5 indictor fish species was chosen based on biodiversity survey and roles of those species in aquatic ecosystem as well as local communities. Biological and hydrological data (dry season of 2016- 2017) and 35 year recorded hydrological data were collected and analyzed as input data for a physical habitat model River HYdraulic and HABitat SImulation Model – RHYHABSIM. Model results shown that the optimal flows of the reaches were very much higher compare with the minimum annual low flow - MALF. In this study, MALF7day were applied to calculate the recommended minimum flows of the three reaches. The recommended required minimum flows for Ma – Buoi, Ma – Len and Ma – Chu reaches were 51 m3/s, 49 m3/s and 61 m3/s, respectively. It must be stressed that this study only assessed whether or not there is enough habitat available for the river to sustain a healthy ecosystem.




International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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