Phenotypic Screening of Drought-Tolerant Lines for Brown Planthopper, Blast and Phytic Acid Content Assay of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Pham Thi Thu Ha • Nguyen Thi Lang • Dang Minh Tam • Phamthi Kim Vang • Ramin Rayee

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(English, 6 pages)


Advanced drought tolerant lines were analysed for blast disease, brown planthopper (BPH), and phytic acid content. Thirsty lines of BC2F4 derived from OMCS2000/ IR75499-73-1 were used to screen for BPH and blast resistance. Three good resistant lines were screened against blast (45, 54, and 310) under greenhouse condition. As eight lines were identified to be resistant to BPH. The results further reveal that BC2F4-45 was the best line resistant to both BPH and blast disease. These lines will be useful in reducing grain phytic acid and improving the nutritional value of rice grain. Based on an assay for high phosphate germination stage of rice, the lowest content was found in the I5 variety (line 45). Hence, this line provides the urgent objective for breeders in cultivars of these crops to genetically enhance a healthy and functional diet. These characters will then need to be incorporated into high yield under drought stress with others such as disease and insect resistance.




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