Effect of Temperature on the Shelf life of Nono (Locally Fermented Milk) and Yoghurt

Samson Kyakma S. • Attah Sunday

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Effect of temperature on the shelf life ofnono(locally fermented milk) and yoghurt was carried out for 7 days and 3 months respectively. Freshly made nonowas kept under room and refrigerated temperature for 7 days. Chemical parameters such as protein, fats, carbohydrate, moisture and ash were analyzed within one hour of collection and on the 7th day. Some physical parameters such as texture and flavour were measured using visual appraisal just before the preservation and then on daily basis. Freshly made yoghurt was treated alike and kept for the period of 3 months (which is the claimed shelf life of yoghurt by most manufacturers). The physical, chemical parameters and microbial load were also measured at weekly intervals. The result of the physical and chemical parameters explains deterioration before the end of the experiment in both samples. It was also concluded that freshly made yoghurt kept at room temperature be consumed only on the first day of production and fermented milk is advised to be pasteurized before consumption due to the high microbial load.




International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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