Sweet Potato Production for Poverty Alleviation in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Aboajah F. N. • Ejechi M. E. • Viashima S. S. • Adeyongu S. K. • Muogbo P. C.

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(English, 8 pages)


The study investigated sweet potato production for poverty alleviation in Nasarawa State of Nigeria. Data were collected from 180 sweet potato farmers randomly selected from Keffi, Kokona and Karu Local Government Areas and interviewed using structured interview schedule. Results of the study show that adult males played a dominant role in sweet potato production especially in land preparation 79% and ridging 81% respectively, while women and children played major role in planting 97%, weeding 94% and harvesting 93% in the area. The study further reveals that if sweet potato is well managed, it has the potential for food security and alleviating farmers from their poverty. This suggests that sweet potato should be given adequate attention in terms of production, value addition and marketability.




International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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