Socio-economic Determinants of Cassava Production in Benue State, Nigeria.

Aboajah F. N. • Onjewu S. S. • Chia J. I. • Okeme S.

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(English, 8 pages)


The study examined the determinants of cassava production in Benue State Nigeria. A total of 180 farmers were selected across the state using multi-stage sampling technique. Data, which comprised information on the socio-economic characteristics and other quantitative variables relevant to the study, were collected using a well structured questionnaire and personal interviews. The social- economic characteristics were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages and frequencies; simple multiple regression technique was used to analyze the production functions of cassava farmers. The results obtained revealed that R2 value was 0.419 indicating that 41.9% of variation in cassava production was accounted for by the variables considered in the study. Specifically, age of the farmers, occupation, household size, farming experience, level of education of farmers, farms size and fertilizer input where all significant and are important variables that affected the production of cassava in the study area. Given the enormous potential of cassava production in the study area, it has become so imperative that youths be encourage to participate effectively in cassava production, seeing that majority of the farmers are aged and will retire from active farming. This is to ensure food security. Effective structure should be put in place for the input and credit facilities provided by the government, this will ensure that these facilities get to those who need it and will in turn help the farmers expand their production. This study, although base in Benue State, may have implications for other States with similar situation. This will help the state meet self-sufficiency in food production and so be able to feed her teeming population.




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